Oliver Škrobot

Attorney and Director ŠKROBOT & PARTNERS Law Office Ltd.

Born in 1970 in Zagreb where he completed his overall education graduating in 1995 at Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb.


His legal career began in January 1996 when employed at Auto Hrvatska d.d. as a trainee. During nearly 12 years of experience in Auto Hrvatska had worked to resolve a number of complex legal issues of interest to the former employer. At the same time the circle of responsibility is extended to the area of human resources management, accounting, commercial and technical management of numerous real estate and other, that finally resulted in unifying all these obligations in the function as a member of the Management Board.

After leaving Auto Hrvatska d.d. in 2008, he continued his legal career as an attorney at law.
That same year he founded ŠKROBOT & PARTNERS Law Office Ltd. with other colleagues.
In his legal profession continues to take part in the solving a number of legal issues in the area of commercial law, corporate law, labor law, contracting.

At the end of 2010, has given conceptual guidance, and then in cooperation with business partners founded and organized Luxor multiservis Ltd., today one of the most successful companies in Croatia for technical management of commercial buildings.

During professional career had gained knowledge through formal education of a graduate jurist, constantly complemented the experience he gained in daily work of that as an attorney at law, but also as an economist doing a number of functions such as board member, member of supervisory boards and procurator.

Registered as a mediator.

Foreign language: English

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