ŠKROBOT & PARTNERI Law Office Ltd. taking into account the needs of its clients grouping into services that are of interest to citizens and those that are of interest to the economy.

In general ŠKROBOT & PARTNERI Law Office Ltd. covers the following legal areas:

Collection of recievables

How to ensure collection, or how to charge goods or services that were delivered is a daily problem of many businessmen.

Collection of the agreed is not only a problem of businessmen, the same problem is related to the citizens, often with a bit more pernicious consequences, regardless of the amount itself.

It is therefore essential when concluding contracts to take into account with whom the contract is concluded (what is his business reputation, what kind of payer is he, what it his solvency ...) and how will the fulfillment of its obligations be ensured.

Well done preparations essentially will facilitate and accelerate the process of enforced collection (enforcement).

Starting the process of enforced collection requires a commitment to the growing number of formalities in the information that need to be obtained, and in choosing the most appropriate documents.

Timely and adequate approach to the collection shortens deadlines and increases the certainty of collection.

In collecting receivables, we provide our clients with:

  • consultation on ways to ensure the fulfillment of the agreed
  • Preparation of payment insurance instruments (promissory notes, bills of exchange, contract on pledge, enforceable clauses within the contract, etc.)
  • Representation in enforcement proceedings and proceedings for the collection
  • Participation in the bankruptcy proceedings and pre-bankruptcy proceedings for the collection of the claim
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