ŠKROBOT & PARTNERI Law Office Ltd. taking into account the needs of its clients grouping into services that are of interest to citizens and those that are of interest to the economy.

In general ŠKROBOT & PARTNERI Law Office Ltd. covers the following legal areas:

Property Management

Property management is a set of services that optimizes the management of real estate, with the main objective - payment of rent or lease and all the associated costs related to the property that is leased or rented.

In this sense it is important with whom the rent or lease will be contracted, how to regulate mutual rights and obligations in order to ensure the fulfillment of the agreed, but also control of all commitments by the lessee or tenants.

Regular property management business is proper records and distribution costs, as well as systematic concern about the fulfillment of all that has been contracted by people who care about hygiene and the technical condition of the building.

The services we provide from this area are:

  • examination of creditworthiness of the lessee or the lessor
  • drawing up rent or lease agreements
  • control of fulfillment of contractual obligations
  • records and distribution of overhead and other related costs
  • taking care of the collection of contractual obligations, the launch of any procedures for the collection and eviction
  • contracting cleaning facilities and maintenance of the environment
  • contracting facility maintenance
  • contracting real estate insurance
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