ŠKROBOT & PARTNERI Law Office Ltd. taking into account the needs of its clients grouping into services that are of interest to citizens and those that are of interest to the economy.

In general ŠKROBOT & PARTNERI Law Office Ltd. covers the following legal areas:

Labor law

Labor law topics in addition to being burdened with everyday political controversies, in real life essentially is burdened with existential issues.

The complexity of employment relationships is not unambiguous. The quality of employment is important for both parties. Equally, as for the workers and the employer.

In preferred labor relations goals often coincide – to receive the agreed salary for the work, the agreed salary to get the agreed work; ensure continuity of employment and promotion, retain quality employees by providing it with continuity of employment and advancement.

When desirable labor relations are absent, regulations and contracts regulating employment come into application. It is therefore important in employment to into take account both the content of the employment contract, as well as on the content of general acts of the employer regulating employment.

In relation to labor law we provide the following services:

  • drawing up labor contracts and management contracts as well as other acts regulating labor-law relationship
  • consulting in the selection of employees and the realization of incentives in employment
  • creation of labor rulebooks and other general acts in the area of labor law
  • prevention of labor disputes
  • launching and participation in labor disputes


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