ŠKROBOT & PARTNERI Law Office Ltd. taking into account the needs of its clients grouping into services that are of interest to citizens and those that are of interest to the economy.

In general ŠKROBOT & PARTNERI Law Office Ltd. covers the following legal areas:

Land Registry law

Legal relations concerning real estate are often intricate, because the owners and regulations often change over time.

In addition, real estate trade is generally associated with relatively high amounts of money to be paid for the real estate, and therefore significant damages may arise due to errors in transactions of this type.

For these reasons, when acquiring real estate it is wise to engage professionals who know the regulations by which the procedure is performed to acquire the real estate.

In the land registry matters we provide the following services:

  • analysis of the current state of real estate in the cadastre and land registry
  • composition and review of the sale contract and the mortgage of real estate
  • registration in the land registry and other public books
  • other legal support for real estate transactions (optimization of tax liability, the application of overhead costs, the transfer of real estate ...)


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