ŠKROBOT & PARTNERI Law Office Ltd. taking into account the needs of its clients grouping into services that are of interest to citizens and those that are of interest to the economy.

In general ŠKROBOT & PARTNERI Law Office Ltd. covers the following legal areas:

Family law and inheritance

All disputes are demanding, but disputes among family members due to a number of previous, and future relations often represent the most demanding disputes. Difficulty of such a situation is caused by not only the violation of a certain right, but also a violation of emotions that were previously developed within the family circle.

Therefore, the key is to approach such disputes with a lot of care, carefully taking into account all, or about as many causes that led to the party's controversial situations

With particular attention, taking into account the interests of our clients, we offer them the following services:

  • preparation of premarital or marital contracts
  • initiating divorce proceedings
  • regulating the relations between the parent and the child
  • regulation of property relations in connection with the divorce (the identification and distribution of marital property, alimony)
  • preparation of documents in case of death (wills, contract for lifelong maintenance and contract for support until death)
  • participation in inheritance proceedings, collecting data on the assets of the testator


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