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Terms of use

On the use of this website, property of ŠKROBOT & PARTNERS d.o.o .: (hereinafter Portal) and all parts thereof (including mobile apps) these terms of use shall apply.
Publisher of Portal is ŠKROBOT & PARTNERS Ltd. Zagreb, Ede Murtić 9, which determines with this terms of use the rights and obligations of the publisher and portal users when using them.

By using and / or registering on the portal, the user accepts these terms and use and all its amendments. It is considered that users that are using the Portal or any part thereof, acquainted with the current rules at any time and that they understand them completely.


No part of the Portal may not be used for illegal purposes or for promoting the same. Portals visitors are provided in good faith the use of portal content. All visitors have the right to use the content of the Portal.

Portal consists of its own content.
Portal publishes content in good faith. All contents of the Portal is used at your own risk, so the portal and publisher can not be held responsible for any damage caused by their use.
Identification of 18+ on some contents indicates that the use of content is only allowed to people over 18 years.


Portal holds copyright on all authorized material (textual, audio and visual materials, databases, registered trademarks and programming code). Unauthorized use of any part of the Portal containing its own content is considered a violation of publisher'scopyright and is subject to prosecution.

The content of the Website is protected by copyright law. Changing, borrowing, selling or distributing of such content is possible only with the prior written permission of the Portal.

Content published on the Portal may be copied only for noncommercial purposes and individual use only with respect to all copyright and other proprietary rights and each limitation of rights mentioned.

If the user believes that there's been a violation of copyright to the portal, he is obliged to inform the publisher using the e-mail address

Links to external sites

Portal generally will not have links to external sites, but if there would be such, it will be set up in good faith. Content outside of the Portal is used at your own risk.

Privacy Policy

Data obtained by using the Portal by the user, is not recorded, nor is in any way stored, and therefore not processed nor deliver to third parties. Therefore, the publisher shall not keep personal data.

Publisher agrees to protect the privacy of the users of the Portal, except in case of serious violations of these terms or illegal activities, in which cases the privacy of users can be revealed in accordance with the applicable regulations.


What are cookies (cookies) and which their function?

Cookies (cookies) are text files whichare recorded on user's computer when the user visits that web page.

The Internet browser has the ability to use cookies, and if their use is turned on in its settings, the server will record the cookie on the user's computer and will use them the next time when visiting the same page.

Cookies allow a website to know the user's preferred settings, enabling fast and efficient usage through pagse thanks to memorizing user selection, options and preferred settings.

Over 90% of all website uses cookies, but according to the regulations of the European Union in 2011 is necessary to reinforce the message about the use of cookies.

Web pages can be visited even if cookies are disabled, but certain features will be disabled.

Which information are stored by cookies?

Cookies usually store data such as preferred language of the website and address so if any subsequent opening of the site, the Internet browser sends cookies belonging to the page and allows it to display information tailored to the user's needs.

Cookies can store personal information (eg, user name or e-mail), but they can only be saved if the user enabels it.

Cookies can not access information that are not given, and that includes the content of the user's computer (such as files, images, documents, etc.). The purpose of a cookie is well-intentioned; and not harmful and can not carry viruses, and are aimed at better surfing experience.

What kind of cookies are there?

There is a difference between temporary and permanent cookies. Temporary are removed from the user computer after you close your browser, and permanent remain stored on your computer after you close your browser.

We also distinguish cookies of the first and third party. First-party cookies include the already described (temporary and permanent), and third-party cookies come from other partner sites which you are viewing, and can be found on the website that the user visits. Using these, sites can track user usage of the Internet for marketing purposes.

Registered users

Users can not register on the Portal. Users are only able to ask questions to the publisher that are not available to other users.

Communication services (forum and commenting on articles)

Portal does not organize forums, does not even allows users to post any comments, opinions, attitudes ...

Users commitments for using Portal

Requests submitted to the publisher via a standardized questionnaire set on the Portal in its contents must not have:

Portals is not responsible for any damage arising from the delivery of data and files.

Portal messages

Portal will not deliver any messages to its users.

Changes of the rules

Portal reserves the right to change or modify without prior notice  the terms of use of the Portal. Any changes will be announced at

The use of any content on the portal is considered that you are familiar and agree with these rules.